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Coronavirus: What I've Been up To

So we're now 3 weeks into lockdown and expecting at least another 3 after this. Since the lockdown was implemented, life has changed a little. Of course, I'm still working from home – that hasn't changed and thankfully I still have a job (as does my fiance). But future plans might have to ground to a halt if the virus doesn't start to dissipate soon...

Now, I might sound selfish – and I know that I'm very lucky to still be healthy and have all of my loved ones. I also really appreciate talking to all of our friends and family every week via video chat or the phone – it makes the situation that much easier. However, with the uncertainty of the situation I'm starting to worry about what will be cancelled in the next upcoming months. Firstly, I had to cancel my first wedding dress fitting, and the one for next week will undeniably be cancelled too.

My hen do was supposed to be next weekend, and obviously that's had to be pushed back. At the moment, I'm feeling like our wedding, which is due to be in September might not happen - or if it does, it will be a smaller ceremony. Now, I know that the main thing is that we will still be married, but it's so upsetting that it might not be a ceremony will all of our friends and family. Our honeymoon is also quite uncertain, which also really saddens me.

I know it could be in a worse situation - but, like everyone, I just really wish that this didn't happen. I know that there was no way of preventing it, but it's just a horrible time for everyone. A time when my mental health has been questionable some days, it's good to try and remain positive – even though it's incredibly difficult sometimes.

I've now applied for teacher training too and am waiting to hear back about that. However, as schools are closed, I'm unable to do any work experience – a downside that might prevent me from accessing a place on it. But we shall see.

I don't really know why I'm writing this. Maybe because I want a break from writing a blog post for a client when I am lacking motivation or maybe because I just wanted to get out how I was feeling on virtual paper. Thankfully, however, throughout this, I have my best friend by my side – something that I'm very lucky to have during this time.

Anyhow, this is so different to what my normal blog is about....and I better get on with work...I just felt like rambling for a while.

Ah, until next time when I have the motivation to write another film review! Expect the likes of the new Childs Play or maybe Contagion if I fancy writing that one (even though the film scared me what with everything going on at the moment!). 

— AW