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27 Dresses (2008)

We have reached the end of the trilogy of wedding films! And we are finishing with a romantic comedy that is perhaps the worst out of the this case we are definitely not leaving the best till last.

Ever so depressingly, this film's plot surrounds a young woman (played by Katherine Heigl) who has been a bridesmaid 27 times but has never been the bride. When newspaper reporter Kevin (James Marsden) discovers her story after meeting her at a wedding and finding her chaotic diary, he wants to write an article about her. Another problem Heigl's character faces is that she is in love with her boss (Edward Burns) but can never find the right time to tell him her true feelings. After he falls for her sister (Malin Akerman), Heigl's Jane is full of jealousy towards her and drama ensues. 

The whole film makes you want to yell at the screen in frustration over what her sister acts like, and how frustrating it is that George (Edward Burns) can't see how Jane feels about him. Marsden's Kevin is a welcome break and shows her that she deserves so much better, although of course drama ensues when the newspaper article is released and is titled horribly. 

This film is ok, thats all I would call it if I am brutally honest. I like the ending and parts are funny (one of the best being when Kevin and Jane are drunk in a dive bar and sing Benny and the Jets ) but overall this film is just average. The scene in which she reveals all of her quirky bridesmaid dresses is also amusing, as is the scene at the end when all of her friends turn up wearing the bridesmaid dresses they made Jane wear to their weddings.

 The film is interesting and does have enough substance to keep you interested throughout but it is certainly not the best of its genre (romantic-comedy). The acting is good, as is the soundtrack and the characters are believable. I have seen this film a number of times but it is never one that I am rushing to watch again. It's quite easy to watch yet frustrating at a number of times. 

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— AW