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A Million Ways to Die in the West (2014)

Note: this is only a short review; therefore I have not gone into detail describing the plot as I usually do. I have just simply written my opinion on the film.

With a star-studded cast, including the unexpected Liam Neeson in a very different role to his usual, this 2014 comedy/western is full of quick wit and the usual Seth MacFarlane humour (he notably directed and had a hand in the screenplay too).

Convinced to watch this by my boyfriend (who is a big Family Guy fan may I add), this is definitely not the typical western. Although I did enjoy the majority of the dark humour and performances by Seth MacFarlane (admittedly, I am not usually a huge fan of his), Neil Patrick Harris and Charlize Theron, honestly I found some of the humour within the film to be immature and boyish.

I have to admit, some of my guilty pleasures consist of the American Pie films and even the Scary Movie motion pictures, which are undeniably childish but do make me wince at times. This in comparison did the same, by making me cringe at the some of the unnecessarily crude jokes within it (no spoilers here). I think that although it was expected as I have seen Family Guy, therefore know MacFarlane’s sense of humour, I just felt that at time it was unneeded and would have benefited with just sticking to the dark humour and wit.

Despite this, it is for the most part funny, quirky and different to anything released in the last few years (not counting the unbearable looking The Ridiculous 6– 2016) therefore I would recommend this for an easy watch, which also has an interesting plot. Also this film has a number of fabulous cameos which are fun to watch out for and a very odd but comical musical-dance number by Neil Patrick Harris.

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