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A Simple Favor (2018)

Ok, so I've been meaning to watch this for a while. But they have only just put it on Netflix. And whilst the almost 2-hour running time put me off a little at first (my attention span isn't what it once was), I'm so glad that we decided to watch it. 

Starring Blake Lively and Anna Kendrick, this mysterious comedy/drama/thriller directed by Paul Feig (Ghostbusters - not the good one, Spy) takes you on a whirlwind adventure. Right, now onto the synopsis.

Stephanie (Anna Kendrick) runs a parenting vlog and is a stay at home single mum. Quickly befriending the mysterious yet very stylish Emily (Blake Lively) who's son goes to the same school, their connection starts to grow. 

However, Emily soon asks Stephanie for a simple favour – to look after her son for the afternoon. When Emily doesn't pick her son up and fails to reply to any messages, the film takes an unexpected turn. What lies ahead is a series of twists and turns. Is Emily still alive? Why did she go missing? Is her husband in on it? Why does her company think she's gone on a trip to Miami? These are all things that you'll be asking as the story unfolds.

Every moment of this film had us second guessing. One minute we thought we know what the ending would be, then something would happen that would lead us down a different path. This is what I loved about this film – each second was extraordinary. With such a unique concept and characters, you never quite knew what you were going to get. *Inserts an image of Forrest Gump here*

And Although it would be easy to write all of the synopsis, as well as the various twists and turns out in this review, I think it's a good idea to watch it and find out for yourself – otherwise, I just feel as though I'm spoiling a unique plot and the film won't be as satisfying when you're watching it.

Overall, however, I would say one thing – this film was worth far more hype than it received. It was entertaining, extraordinary and bizarre. So if you love thrillers, then this is the perfect movie for you. It also has some hilarious moments, that turns the genre on its head. I would definitely recommend this film – especially to those that enjoy more complex films that involve brainpower. 

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A Simple Favor - The Official Trailer

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