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Collateral Beauty (2016)

A shorter review as I didn’t want to give too much away or spoil it for anyone. I simply wrote about what you can see from the trailer and how I felt about the motion picture.

Normally before I view a film I tend to look on IMDB; to see their rating and who else is in it, but with this I simply watched the trailer noticing that 1) it had a brilliant cast and 2) it’s story was different to the Hollywood cliché of sci-fi action films pumped out by the factory in 2016.

Will Smith plays Howard, a man coping with the tragic death of his daughter. He is shut off from the outside world, hardly talking to his work colleagues and friends. By hiring a private investigator, work friends of Howard- Claire (Kate Winslet), Whit (Edward Norton and Simon (Michael Pena) discover that he is sending letters; not addressed to a person but to love, time and death exclaiming his hatred for them and how each of them have caused him pain.

After learning this sorrowful past time, they hire three actors to portray each of the elements, begging them to visit Howard and talk to him about themselves and how they have affected his life. What follows is Howard coming to terms with the death of his daughter, rebuilding bridges and re-discovering the meaning of life and love.

A warning for this: it’s more than likely going to make you cry. It is incredibly emotional, beautifully shot and has such a unique storyline that I left admiring how different it was to everything else in the cinema at the moment.

Definitely worth the watch and you will come out appreciating life and all it holds (as cliché as that sounds).

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— AW