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Emelie (2015)

It was Friday night and we were looking through Netflix trying to find a film to watch. We stumbled upon Emelie, a 2015 horror/thriller that drew us in with an interesting plot and a reasonably short run-time. 

The plot is based around a babysitter, who goes to look after 3 young children for the night, when their parents go out to enjoy an anniversary meal together. The babysitter however is not who she claims to be and a series of gruesome, brutal and disgusting events occur throughout the night. Starring Sarah Bolger who impersonates the real babysitter Anna, the horrific reason unfolds as to why she is there.

[As with all films, it is hard not to try and give it all away in my reviews, so I just want to give a taster as to what this movie was all about.] 

As the evening progresses, the oldest boy Jacob (Joshua Rush), starts to realise how twisted Emelie (the babysitter) is. As it gets more and more gruesome, he tries to contact his parents to let them know and save his siblings from her. When the usual babysitter turns up out of the blue to check out how the replacement is getting on, Jacob tries to tell her whats going on -- which ends up in a blood bath (so hard not to write what happens!). 

Overall, the film is entertaining and spine-chilling, but I feel as if they could have made it far more interesting. The ending was ok, but could have involved a twist or just simply wrapped it up.

It was lacking something and its hard to say what. I wouldn't necessarily recommend this – it wasn't bad in any sense but it isn't something I'm rushing to watch again.

If you want an easy film with twisted scenes, then this is good to watch. But overall, I was left with the opinion of 'that was ok'. 

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