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Get Out (2017)

Surprisingly directed by comedic actor Jordan Peele, this 2017 horror/mystery/thriller is brilliant. Absolutely terrifying and putting you on the edge of your seat, it compellingly brings in the topic of white power and how one man has to deal with possibly the world’s most evil family. 

Centered around a young African American who is going to meet and stay with his white girlfriend’s family, as soon as he gets to their woodland home he realises something isn't quite right. Seeing the groundskeeper and maid who seem like they are in a trance, Chris (Daniel Kaluuya) immediately feels on edge. After learning that his girlfriend’s mother practises hypnotherapy, she offers to put him under to try and quit his smoking habit. Her intentions however, are not what they seem. The fact that her father is also a neurosurgeon, comes into horrific play towards the end of the film.

This film takes a series of dark turns, from the auctioning off of Chris to uncovering the horrific truth about the Armitage family, every scene is mind bending and beguiling. One scene in particular that kept me on the edge of my seat was when Chris attempted to take a photo of Logan, a man seemingly in a trance who he discovered to be missing. When he accidentally leaves the flash on, something inside Logan changes and the hypnosis seemingly wears off — transporting him back to reality.

Creepy and complex, it engulfs you into every scene and leaves you in the last ten minutes hoping that every single member of the family gets their comeuppance. The terrifying use of the 'run rabbit, run rabbit' song also sends chills down your body.

I loved every moment of this film and I knew I would after wanting to see it in the cinema earlier this year. Thrilling, scary and with a frustrating (in terms of the way the Armitage family are) but brilliant plot, I would recommend this to everyone.

Brilliantly directed, stellar performances and the fact that the plot flows throughout and has a good ending, makes this one of my favourite films of 2017.

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— AW