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Independence Day: Resurgence (2016) — An Extremely Informal Review

This is a very informal review, in fact more of a rant. 

So I’m still watching this, so my final opinion of this is still formulating.

I have half an hour left and although I knew I wasn’t going to love this sequel, I didn’t realise just how bad it was going to be. I absolutely love the cheese-fest which is the original, so thought I’d give it a go.

All of the old favourites are back from the original, with crazy ex-president Bill Pullman, an always fabulous Jeff Goldblum, kooky Judd Hirsch (who plays Goldblum’s father) but with one unexpected absence… Will Smith. Conveniently killed off at the start, this second instalment gives off the vibes for a new era/story. 

However, all that seems to have changed is the year. The plot is pretty much the same, with the younger generation of actors (including Liam Hemsworth) taking on the roles of the protagonists in the last film. Although it has noticeably better CG (the original was released in 1996), it has unfortunately fallen into the trap of overusing special effects as many modern films tend to do. This over reliance on CG can sometimes work, but in this occasion, it takes away from what could be an interesting plot. I mean it’s about aliens trying to destroy Earth (yet again). 

It’s full of ridiculous scenes which are frankly laughable and lacks the over dramatic-cheesy-but-lovable aspects of its predecessor. The plot is extremely disjointed and I feel bad for the actors who are trying hard to make the film entertaining. There is no connection to the new characters, with little time to develop any relationship with them. 

Oh and ofcourse London is the first to go, we all die and the Americans are heroes. Hilariously when the spaceship convieneantly grounds to a halt 1/2 cm from the White House, everyone important is saved. Well everyone who is important to the US ofcourse.

I’m amazed this is directed with Roland Emmerich (producer for the original, The Day After Tomorrow, Godzilla, White House Down) who, is famed for successful disaster movies. This time however, I believe the material has failed him. 

Ok it’s over. Well. That was god damn awful. And apparently there is a third one in the making… god help us all. Why Hollywood- Why?!?!

If you are for some reason interested in this here is the trailer! 

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— AW