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Jurassic World (2015)

So, initially when I first found out that they were releasing the fourth instalment of the franchise, I huffed in disapproval. Growing up with the Jurassic Park franchise, I held it close to my heart; being a beloved family film which never failed to show up on the TV guide around Christmas. So, seeing Chris Pratt ride around herding Velociraptors didn’t initially appeal to me.

But…and here goes against my usual anal attitude towards some films…the SFX guys clearly “spared no expense” (as the wonderful late Richard Attenborough would say), which I have to say payed off respectively.. With a plot which tastefully respected its predecessors yet still had enough CG and modern features which appeal to the new audience; I would give this film a rating of 4.5/5–and that’s only simply because as usual I’m being fussy and will never think a modernised version would be AS amazing as the past three films (well minus the third instalment..of course I do still love the ‘Alan’ part though).

With parts which would appeal to all of the family (one of my favourite parts would be the epic dinosaur fight between the hybrid Rex the T-Rex and of course… A really) ,some of the same characters and as mentioned, some amazing CG;which with the 3D glasses added to the cinematic experience.

Now, a brief comment about the acting and character development. Expectant to this franchise, obviously there are going to be some cheesey lines which would make even the soppiest movie-goer cringe-yet having said that overall, personally I believe that the acting and character development flows well with the film (even if there is no Goldblum or Neil..*cry*).

Overall, without giving much away, I would recommend this film. If you're looking for a Hollywood adventure with all of it’s expected frills and moreover an enjoyable time.

That's all for now, now going to go and watch some Graham Norton…and have the joy of seeing Mark Wahlberg woohoo. At least I’m in Amsterdam.

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— AW