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La La Land (2017)

[A shorter review as many of you would have seen this]

A modern-day musical, La La Land transports you into a world of big lights, unprompted dance numbers and romance.

Ryan Gosling’s Sebastian falls in love with Emma Stone’s Mia in a world where a spontaneous musical number is accepted as the norm. Full of fantasy and lust, the magic of old Hollywood seeps from every corner of this motion picture.

Despite its lengthy run time, there are plenty of energetic musical numbers and an interesting plot to keep you glued to the screen. Although I think that it could have been cut down, I was happily surprised with the result. Both Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone are fantastic in their roles as the titular characters, with a fabulous supporting cast. It’s no wonder it won big both at the BAFTA’s and Golden Globes and is nominated for 14 Oscars. Written and directed by the brilliant Damien Chazelle (Whiplash, 10 Cloverfield Lane), it is a flawless piece of cinematic creation.

Showcasing the world of jazz and the struggle of becoming an actress inHollywood, the film is also very realistic. Nothing comes easily to the protagonists and they have to work to become succesful. This realism allows you to grow a connection with the characters as they face issues which could occur in the real world.

The cinematography is outstanding, transforming the world within the screen to something out of a dream. Fantastic special effects and music also allows the story to flow beautifully. Turning the clock back to the style of the 1950’s with matching colour palette and costume, it is the nostalgic Hollywood that everyone loves but in the past few years have grown to forget. It replicates the beauty of musicals such as Singing in the Rain (1952) and An American in Paris (1951), showcasing the love Chazelle has put into the motion picture.

I would certainly recommend this as although there are certainly some cheesy parts, overall it is visually stunning, features fantastic cinematography and brilliant performances by all of the cast.

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