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Passengers (2016)

The trailer was out, it had two of my favourites: Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence…it seemed to have brilliant CG…I was counting down the days 'til this was out.

When I first saw the trailer I simply couldn’t wait to see this, it looked dramatic, a tad romantic (no-one really likes over gooey films) comedic and had fabulous action sequences. Plus it looked visually tantalising.

It’s plot is so promising, consisting of a man (Pratt) who wakes up on a spacecraft designed to transport thousands of people from Earth to a distant inhabitable planet, 90 years before it was intended for him to. No spoilers but Aurora (played by Lawrence) wakes up as well and they have to figure out how to live being just them two awake (and A.I barman Michael Sheen) on the huge ship. As the film progresses it seems that the ship is starting to malfunction and it is up to the two to save the spacecraft and all those who inhabit it.

I liked it more than those who I saw it with, but I agree with them in the fact that this simply wasn’t as good as it first seemed. Yes the visuals were amazing and all of the cast were unsurprisingly spectacular, but the film focused foremost on the developing relationship of Aurora and Pratt’s Jim, which was interesting but in my opinion didn’t seem to be (and from the trailer of course) or shouldn’t have been the main prerogative shall we say. It ideally should have been the action unfolding as the plot contains fantastic elements.

It was the case of showing all of the best bits in the trailer, with parts in between which seemed to lack the oomph needed for such an epic story.

I perhaps need to watch this again, but from my first and only viewing so far, I left the cinema a tad disappointed.

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