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Sinister 2 (2015)

With high expectations from the first film, I walked into the cinema in hope of watching a film that is just as eerie and disturbing. The first instalment admittedly terrified me, so I was unsure whether they would be able to replicate the horrifying plot.

I was met with a film, which despite having a fair share of jump scares, did not have the same creepiness or scare factor as its predecessor. What makes the first Sinister so frightening is its soundtrack. With frightening sounds, which would make even the bravest of moviegoers uncomfortable, it succeeded in putting you at the edge of your seat, matched by the uncomfortable images from the home movies and the vision of Baghuul himself. As in the first film, the super 8 style home movies are back, with some gruesome imagery that definitely brought the scare factor. However, what made it less frightening in my opinion is the fact that you see more of the ghostly children and Baghuul. What always makes a horror film more terrifying is if you hardly see the villain or simply do not see them in so much detail.

Now, onto my review of the story itself. Set in an eerie farmhouse with an accompanying church (creepy right?), Dylan and Zach Collins along with their mother Courtney are pursued by ex-deputy so and so about the dreadful murders that occurred in the neighboring church. Carrying on from the research conducted by Ethan Hawke’s character in the first instalment, the deputy believes that Baghuul is once again behind the murders.

Overall, I did enjoy the film but I believe that it lacked the authenticity and substance that was present in its predecessor. I recommend this, for any horror lover due to its original plot.

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— AW