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The Devils Advocate (1997)

The Devils Advocate has always been one of those films that I have wanted to see, but have never got around to. However, this past weekend I finally borrowed it from my dad and gave it a go.

Showing the separation between good and evil and how easy it is to go either way, this 1997 drama/mystery/thriller is full of enchanting scenes that will keep your full attention. It's unlike anything I have ever seen as it questions everything you see and fully immerses you into the world on the screen. 

Keanu Reeves plays successful Floridian lawyer Kevin Lomax, who after winning his 64th case is offered a position in a high-end law firm in New York. Lomax and his wife move to New York and are immediately offered a luxurious apartment, in the same building as his new boss. As things are improving for Lomax, his wife who is stuck in the apartment, is haunted by a series of hallucinations and begins to see her new world as an evil destructive place. Lomax starts to change with his new empowered position and the normal world is left behind. Al Pacino is fabulous as always as John Milton, the boss of the firm and Charlize Theron is excellent as Mary Ann - Kevin's wife. 

Now, I don't want to give a lot away or spoil it for those who haven't seen it. But, one thing I will say is that it is a very different film, a little on the long side and quite gory. It includes a twist at the end, which to be honest I didn't really like. Up to the ending, I thoroughly enjoyed the film, despite how annoying Keanu Reeves' character became. I just felt like the ending was a bit of a cop out and that their wasn't really a meaning behind it all - well that I could work out anyhow.

I would recommend that you would watch it, if you haven't yet because I would be interested to see what other people would make of it. Maybe I missed something, but overall I think that the film could have been cut down, trimmed and perhaps had a deeper meaning.

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— AW