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The Green Mile (1999)

So, even though this film was released in 1999, I thought I’d review this film for a number of reasons:

1) This is one of my top three favorite films of all time...

2) It has an intriguing storyline.

3) It is undoubtedly an emotional rollercoaster throughout.

4) Tom Hanks need I say more.

5) In my opinion, the cinema isn’t particularly showing any good films worth watching at the maybe soon I will write a review which is more relevant to this moment in time.

RIGHT. Let's get cracking.

Based on a novel written by one of the most influential authors of all time (Stephen King), The Green Mile concretes its place on many people’s lists of top films. Full of emotion, laughter and a religious undertone, I recommend this film to those who want a truly emotional viewing experience, similar to that of The Shawshank Redemption. 

Set in a prison where those facing death row are put, the film follows the lives of the guards and the prisoners within; the relationships between them both and the harsh reality of criminal punishment. Throughout the movie, the audience learn to build familiarity and allow their affection to grow with each character; in particular with main guard Paul Edgecomb (played by the great Tom Hanks), Brutus Howell (David Morse), French inmate Eduard Delacroix (Michael Jeter), the mouse itself and of course the most influential character- John Coffey (played by the late hilarious and humble, Michael Clarke Duncan). 

So… the story itself. 

Without giving a whole lot away, the plot develops into telling the backstory to one particular inmate, John Coffey. Alleged child rapist and murderer, Coffey is charged with the death penalty, receiving deserved hatred from both the family of the two little girls and at first the prison guards. As the film progresses, Paul Edgecomb learns that Coffey is not what he seems- he is instead a friendly, caring giant (Michael Clarke Duncan stood at a height of 6’4 1/2″ feet) who wants the best for everyone. The audience are also then given the opportunity to recognise the significance of his initials…JC

As the plot continues, I grew fonder and fonder of Coffey, thought that Delacroix’s relationship with his pet mouse was undeniably adorable and wanted karma to affect evil prison guard Percy Wetmore (Doug Hutchison). 

Overall, without going too much into the storyline (partly because it is clearly a lengthy film and simply because I would rather you make your mind up for yourself after watching it), I would 110% recommend this film if you have some time to spare and you are a fan of classic drama, crime and fantasy films. Due to its author, this film with also surprise you with features within it that differ to the everyday film-with an element of miracles/magic. 

Thus, I would give this film…a…5/5.

That’s right, full marks. Due to its place as my second favourite film, the fact that the acting within it is absolutely brilliant (not just from Hanks, but from all the cast) and the fact that the storyline kept me intrigued and glued to the screen.

My Rating       

— AW