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The Vault (2016)

Trying to decide on a film whilst flicking through Netflix can sometimes be tiresome. For films you haven't yet seen, it takes a while to scan through the synopsis, see if there are any actors you recognise or judge them by their ratings. 

A few days ago whilst scanning through Netflix, we stumbled upon 2016's The Vault. We read the synopsis: 'Two estranged sisters are forced to rob a bank in order to save their brother. But this is no ordinary bank' (IMDB). Seeing that it was a horror/thriller we decided to give it a go. Drawn in by the trailer, it looked intriguing and with it starring the sometimes good, sometimes average James Franco we thought it could be good.

The film begins incredibly tense and as the heist occurs and we discover the history of the bank, it makes you curious of whats to come. Including some incredibly gory parts (with one of the characters drilling into his own skull, for example) and its frightening jump scares, it is deserving of its 15 rating. 

James Franco stars as Ed Maas - assistant manager at the bank, he informs one of the robbers about the horrific incident which occurred at the bank thirty-odd years before. Warning them that all is not what it seems and that there is an evil presence in the 'old bank' which lays below the current one, each of the robbers get their comeuppance.   

There isn't much to this film. Although it starts strong and does include some frightening scenes, the ending is average and the twist predictable. The cast are good but nothing out of the ordinary and the short run time means that all of the characters are fully developed. 

Its not a film I really plan on watching again, but then again it is not the worst horror/thriller I have seen. It is simply average and quite an easy watch.

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— AW