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Toy Story 4 (2019)

So, I wasn't initially sure when I saw that they were making this. Growing up with the franchise, I was worried that after them making the third film, this would be pointless. I thought that Toy Story 3 ended on a good note and that they should have left the franchise alone. But I couldn't be more wrong.

Wow. What a beautiful and heartwarming film. I loved every second of Toy Story 4. It was filled with funny scenes, the animation was breathtaking and the ending closed the franchise in a wonderful way. The ending is also pretty surprising *trying not to spoil it* and bittersweet for both Buzz and Woody. 

It is, however, a lot different to the original trilogy. So you should go into the cinema with an open mind. 

Right, onto the plot! The film follows Woody (the brilliant Tom Hanks for those that didn't know) and the gang, as they head out on a road trip with a new toy called Forky (who is hilarious by the way) with their owner Bonnie. On the way to their destination, Forky escapes, meaning Woody has to go and rescue him. As they make their way to the RV park where Bonnie is, they are swept up in a series of events that will showcase the true importance of both love and friendship. 

Now I know that's not very detailed. But it honestly is pretty hard to describe the film without ruining it. The story is so interesting, taking you on an incredible adventure that expands the universe of Toy Story and demonstrates why Pixar are so amazing. You will also notice how the animation has advanced from the first instalment and how this is aimed at adults (or those who have grown up with Pixar) perhaps more than children. There are some noticeably terrifying bits (involving ventriloquist dolls) that, in my opinion, would scare younger audiences. 

Some of the best characters in the films are Duke Caboom (voiced by the 'breathtaking' Keanu Reeves), Bo Peeps Sheep (Billy, Goat and Gruff) and Forky (Tony Hale). Although all of the characters are charming in their own way. There are strong female characters (especially Bo Peep and Giggle McDimples), which is a big and positive step for the studios. 

I'm not going to lie, I cried at the end of this. It honestly is a brilliant ending and film. I would recommend this to anyone who loved Disney, Pixar and those who have grown up with Toy Story. I can't wait to see this again. GO SEE IT!!!

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