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Us (2019)

Warning - some spoilers ahead...

So, I'm still trying to get my head around this one. After directing Get Out in 2017, I had no doubt that Us would be twisted and edge-of-the-seat stuff. Since seeing the first trailer, I was excited to go and see it. So last week I finally went. 

As I said down and the film began I was nervous for what I was about to see. The film started. It was all I thought it would be. A chilling soundtrack, strange imagery and a captivating plot began to unfold. For the first half of this film, I was on the edge of my seat – especially when the 'other family' turned up on the drive. But from about half way through my attention started to dwindle. 

The plot itself....

I guess before I go into why I started to lose interest, I should explain what the film is all about. The film starts by showing a young girl running off from her parents whilst at a fun fair. Making her way onto the beach, she walks into a hall of mirrors. What is in there waiting for her is something out of nightmares.

As the film continues, we see Adelaide Wilson (brilliantly played by Lupita Nyong'o) who is accompanied by her son (Evan Alex), daughter (Shahadi Wright Joseph) and husband (Winston Duke) returning to the house she grew up in near the beach. During the getaway, Adelaide becomes more and more paranoid that the 'demon' she saw when she was younger is nearby and that they will attack her family as soon as they get the chance. When they are in the house, they notice a family standing on their drive...but they are no ordinary family...they are evil 'clones' of them.

That's all I really want to give away without completely ruining it. The stand out twist was predicted by my fiance about 10 minutes in, which when it happened at the end made me think "ah ok, is that it". The story itself is creepy – there is no denying that. And it is beautifully filmed and directed. I can't help but think however, that it was missing something. I felt like they could have made more of the plot and not fallen into the same rabbit hole of being something to do with the government. *ok I was trying not to spoil anything here*

I did enjoy the film overall, but I just felt like it lacked something. There is no denying that Jordan Peele is a genius and that the cast is brilliant but I just felt after half way through, somehow the film just mellowed. 

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