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Wild Tales (2015)

I wouldn’t be surprised if Wild Tales (2014) is the start of a new age for Argentinian cinema. Based on a set of six masterful tales written and directed by Argentinian filmmaker Damian Szifron, it is full of fabulous wit, violence and comedy. The six segments of the film are each indeed bizarre and keep the audience on their feet due to their uniqueness and unrelated plot lines.

The film starts with a woman on a plane realizing that everyone is connected by one person to the last short film being about a husband and wife who go through a rather unexpected turn of events at their wedding, the idiosyncratic approach to this motion picture makes it stand out from anything I have seen in a while.

Not only is the plot itself to be commended, but all of the casts realistic acting should also be praised. The tales that unfolded conjures up a series of questions, like firstly a) what would you do if you were on the plane? Or lastly b) would you do the same thing to your husband if you found out that information at your wedding?

A fabulously directed and hilarious film that takes you on an unexpected whirlwind adventure, definitely not to be missed.

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