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Bridesmaids (2011)

So it occurred to me that I have never actually done a review for Paul Feig's hilarious 2011 comedy Bridesmaids. Now, not only is this one of my favourites, but my fiancé had the idea of doing three different reviews for films that were based around weddings. Due to being very newly engaged and the soppy person I am, I thought this was a great idea. So, here you go!

With a stellar comedic cast from Kristen Wiig at the helm as Annie, to Maya Rudolph, Ellie Kemper, Rebel Wilson and Chris O'Dowd (to name a few!), this romantic comedy is hilarious from start to finish. With plenty of gags and relatable scenes, the plot consists of a woman who's life isn't quite turning out the way she wanted it to, who is made maid of honour for her best friends wedding. Along the way however and with little money of her own, Annie has to try and adapt and help support her best friend despite having a bitchy new bridesmaid (Rose Byrne) takeover and eventually assume her position. 

It really doesn't sound like it would be that interesting, but the chemistry between the cast, the hilarious scenes which follow and the heartfelt ending, makes the film very entertaining for romantic-comedy lovers. It isn't just for girls either (not being sexist, but films like this are often thought of as too girly) as there it is far more comedic than romantic. My absolute favourite scene (which is often quoted), is the scene when they are on the plane to the bachelorette party in Vegas. As the plane takes off, Annie (who is scared of flying) takes Helen (Byrne's) advice and has two of her pills with a big glass of whisky. What then happens is just cinema gold. The film also has a brilliant authenticity to it, which alongside the gags - makes it one of my favourites. 

Brilliant direction, acting, gags and substance means I would recommend this to anyone who likes comedies. Despite having seen this film many many many times, it is a film I would not hesitate to watch again soon.

I have inserted below my favourite scene for you to enjoy, as it is just too great to miss!

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— AW