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Lava – Disney/Pixar Short (2015)

I absolute LOVE Pixar shorts. A fond memory of such being ‘Geris Game’ from the 1998 film A Bugs Life (pictured below). I think that they not only add a sense of excitement towards seeing the upcoming film but they also fill you with happiness; allowing you to find yourself embarrassingly grinning.


So, on to this short. It immediately caught my attention from the outset I mean a singing volcano? This was something I had not seen before. As the short continues, in the usual Pixar fashion it begins all joyfully, then takes you on almost an emotional rollercoaster, that makes you want it to resolve itself and have a happy ending. As mentioned in my review for Inside Out itself, undoubtedly Pixar (as well as Disney) like to ensure that whether it is a short or a feature film, the storyline will take you on an adventure, which is certainly full of joy, but also a hint of sadness. Thus showing true human emotion and ensuring that your attention is focused throughout.

This short film’s storyline is not only different to other shorts I had seen before, but it also took a concept, which although hard at first to comprehend, allows you to feel emotion towards the two volcanoes and hope that they find happiness.

Overall, this was a cute little short film, which I loved for not only the story itself, but also the joyful and unique theme song.

Well done Disney/Pixar you succeeded again.

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— AW