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Girls Trip (2017)

Last night I was watching an episode of Screen Junkies titled: The Best Movies of 2017...So Far'. The panel discussed their top ten films of the year and which ones were the most internationally successful. I was very surprised to find that Girls Trip was on some of their lists and that it also did quite well both in the US box office and internationally. I failed to understand this, as to me, it was average. Average in its over the top comedic clichés, questionable script and far fetched scenes. 

Critic Mark Ellis said that not only was the film 'hilarious' but that Tiffany Haddish (who plays Dina) is a breakout star who deserves an Oscar nomination; similarly to Melissa McCarthy who received one for the incredibly funny Bridesmaids. I can't help but disagree, as I felt her performance was over the top and needed to be toned down. I liked Queen Latifah, Jada Pinkett Smith and Regina Hall's characters but overall the friendship between the foursome lacked chemistry. Now I know some of that is due to the plot, but I feel like the characters aren't relatable. 

Some of the scenes are funny (for example, the scene in which the women are high on absinthe) but overall I think the film doesn't bring anything new to the table. Centered around four 'life-long' friends who travel to New Orleans for a festival which one of the women are in, with plenty of 'laughs' along the way. I found the whole film frankly, predictable. 

I wouldn't see this film again, I left the cinema thinking 'is that it'? I didn't expect comedy gold don't get me wrong but I did think it lacked the chemistry, flow of plot and hilarity other similar films have.

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