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Coherence (2013)

Whilst browsing through Netflix, we stumbled upon this. The plot itself clearly drew us in; ‘strange things begin to happen when a group of friends gather for a dinner party on an evening when a comet is passing overhead’ (IMDB)- clearly an interesting concept utilising the Sci-Fi-experimental genre.

As it began, we noticed the type of filmmaking; a sort of handheld/ POV style. The story began to progress and nothing seemed out of the ordinary with the story- following a group of friends, coming together for a dinner party with clear divisions/conflicts between a few of them.

Then, it all became confusing. A comet passed overhead which (without giving a lot away) created an almost parallel universe which made the story a tad hard to follow- definitley a film in which you need to pay attention to. This exact plot is what makes the film so good- with surprising twists and turns, it was something different to the usual Sci-Fi.

An example of why I think that this film is so great, is when the group decide to use glowsticks to ensure that if any of them leave the house, when they return, they are the same person (this may sound confusing, but if you decide to watch it then you will know what I’m talking about).

Anyway, without giving tons away, I would recommend this film, for those who enjoy Sci-Fi’s, thrillers and experimental film. Plus the acting is brilliant- especially for a film with a small-ish budget.

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— AW