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Gerald's Game (2017)

I am a fan of Stephen King. Now, I'm not the most avid reader but I am getting better. Two of my favorite films are The Shawshank Redemption (cliché I know) and The Green Mile (which I have read and loved) and I also quite like 1990's IT. I started reading Gerald's Game whilst on holiday and to be honest I gave up. I'm the type of person that needs things to happen straight away, whether that be in a book or a film and with this book I simply lost interest before any thing really exciting happened (bad I know). 

When I saw they were making a film of this however, I thought I would give it a go. With a good cast (Bruce Greenwood and Carla Gugino) and a thrilling trailer, I thought it would be great. The plot consists of a married couple who venture out to their lake side house for a romantic getaway. Trying to spice up their marriage, Gerald suggests role playing and ties Jessie to the bed with handcuffs. When Gerald unexpectedly dies after suffering a horrendous heart attack, he falls to the floor and hits his head, leaving Jessie tied to the bed with no means of escape. As the days fade by with little water, no food and with a stray dog that begins to tear apart her deceased husband (earlier in the film they forgot to shut the back door), she starts to hallucinate and see's a number of terrifying beings. Transporting her back to her horrific childhood which she had since tried to forget, the film is full of substance and keeps your attention throughout. Typical King in its horror-filled scenes (one of which literally terrifies me to think about - when she meets 'death'), it does for a while drag but the ending is worth it. 

It makes you wonder 'what would I do if I was some how in this position'? I guess the thing that scares me the most about this film/story is that it could actually happen. Nothing in it is far fetched and it leaves you feeling creeped out. The fact that the lake house is so remote, with none of the neighbours around is fear inducing. Every moment puts you on the edge of your seat and I really enjoyed it for that. Another Netflix original success, I would recommend this to any horror/thriller fan and I am hoping anyone who has read the book and enjoyed it, thinks it matches up in quality (as many book adaptations do not).

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