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Piper — a Pixar Short (2016)

As always, Pixar has created a short which is heart-warming, comical and visually spectacular.

Directed by Alan Barillaro, this 6 minute short shown before Finding Dory tells the story of a baby bird who whilst learning how to find food for herself has to overcome her fear of the sea. Set on a beach, the animation is simply beautiful and looks so realistic,which makes it hard to believe that it is simply an animation.

The development of animation techniques and how the technology itself used to create such features has improved over the year’s to such a great extent; this is visible from the Pixar short ‘Geri’s Game’ shown in advance of 1997’s A Bugs Life. GG which at the time alongside Pixar’s feature films and other shorts was revolutionary and stunning, this however, 19 years on shows how Pixar has developed its productions with the modern technology.

I think (and some may argue), that this is the best Pixar short produced for a while both because of its beautiful aesthetic imagery and for its lovely story. When I saw Pixar’s last short 2015’s Lava, I thought that-that was the best short for a while. I was mistaken. I can’t wait to watch this again.

— AW