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Left Behind (2014)

So, admittedly we decided to watch this film for a bit of fun; having Nicholas Cage as its lead, we didn’t expect a whole lot. I am guilty of looking at IMDB’s ratings before I watch a film, so with its given rating of 3.1/10 we knew that it would probably be interesting, to say the least. Also, as it was released last year (and I hadn’t seen even a trailer for it), it inevitably would most likely be a flop.

Right onto the film.

As the film began, it did seem as if it could be good- with known faces (not that, that always determines the quality of the film), an interesting concept and seemingly ok camera work, we continued to watch.

But, as the film went on we began to see why it had such terrible reviews/ratings. Nicholas Cage was his usual over-acting self, the CG was terrible and the story was very similar to that of other films.

With only half an hour left, we had to watch it till the end. The more it went on, I think the worse it got and by the end we were left with a motion picture which I believe is not worth watching.

The reasoning behind the plot was lackluster and had no real conclusion- and frankly led to even greater disappointment. A perfect example of when I believe it lost its credibility (there are unfortunately a few), is when once all of the people had disappeared, they start thinking that the reason behind these disappearances is simply because they were now in ‘God’s hands’ in heaven. With no justification, I just felt like saying ‘is that it’?. I was undeniably hoping for an interesting ending.

Overall, it was absolutely terrible.

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