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Mother's Day (2016)

Side note: as made clear from my last review, at the moment I am focusing on my opinion rather than also including information about the plot itself. By doing it this way I feel like my opinion on the film is made clearer, instead of relying on describing the plot first. I also think that it is better at times to not include spoilers (especially for new films), offering the chance for people to make up their own minds after watching the film and also not ruining it for people who haven’t yet seen it.

By the request of my mother we went to see this. To be fair I had no real idea about what the plot was about (other than the obvious clue in the title), only that it was littered with big stars like Jennifer Aniston, Jason Sudeikis, Kate Hudson and Julia Roberts (as any Hollywood big-budget film is nowadays).

When I sat down in the cinema seat ready to watch this, I asked my mum “Oh god is this supposed to be the next one on to New Year’s Eve” and she replied with “Oh yeah, maybe!”-admittedly I am not really a fan of either New Year’s Eve or Valentines Day..Ok maybe I have watched them as a guilty pleasure before..but generally I found them over-cheesey, rather cringy in places and lacking in any real plot-instead focusing on squeezing as many famous people in as possible.

Anyhow this did not follow the same basis as the other two (despite having the same director and writer, Garry Marshall and including a number of different sub-plots). Yes, it did include a fair few of ‘known’ faces, but this I found was a tad more serious, lacked in heart and was just honestly, not very comical. I found the jokes and gimmicks mostly immature and too slapstick, whilst the plot simply tried too hard- resulting in me feeling nothing towards the characters as it didn’t have the time to enable the audience to connect with them.

I think as well as the uninteresting plot, I just didn’t really like the characters (besides the one played by Jack Whitehall). Perhaps this would change if I watched it again, but mostly I also found the film random in parts and written quite poorly. I left the cinema with the opinion that it was forced and unfinished, perhaps maybe due to the fact that it was rushed to be released in time for the US’ Mother’s Day celebration coming up.

Overall to be honest i wouldn’t recommend this film as it was quite lacklustre and disappointing.

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— AW