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Locke (2013)

Film as art is an interesting concept to consider when analyzing this film. Released in 2013 with actor Tom Hardy at its helm (directed by Steven Knight), Locke had a seemingly winning formula. Set solely in a car, Locke invites the audiences along on a journey with construction manager Ivan Locke, who receives numerous phone calls that drastically alter his life.

This film is aesthetically mesmerizing, with spectacular sound design and colour palette, and cinematography featuring numerous different camera angles and transitions. While filming solely in one location with one actor would arguably be unappealing to today’s mass audiences, somehow Locke manages to quite easily fill the 85-minute run-time. Despite playing against type, Tom Hardy gives a captivating and realistically believable performance as the titular character; however, in spite of this the plot lacks any real substance. Additionally, due to it being set solely in a car, it is frustrating that Locke never reaches his destination, or even leaves the car at all for that matter.

While the concept is interesting, the film lacks the mainstream appeal necessary to elevate Locke to the same level as other definitive films of the drama genre.

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