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Pete's Dragon (2016)

I'm never certain about whether or not I will like a Disney live-action remake, as despite loving Beauty and the beast (2017) I didn't particularly like the Jungle Book (2016) as I thought it lacked the magic that the original possessed. I was however, at a bit of a disadvantage with the live action remake of Pete's Dragon, as I haven't seen the original 1977 version. Side note, this isn't exactly the same as the original...there are a couple of differences in the plot, but overall the overarching themes are the same.

As I sat down to watch it, I remember seeing the trailer and being intrigued by it. Although, I also felt that it wasn't the most successful at the box office and was forgotten about rather quickly. Looking at the cast, I was immediately interested; with Hollywood heavyweight Robert Redford, the talented Bryce Dallas Howard and Wes Bentley it had great potential. Directed by David Lowery, a perhaps unlikely choice for a Disney film, it is beautifully filmed and set in the picturesque New Zealand.

The plot surrounds a young orphaned boy who finds himself lost in a forrest. A dragon then emerges (who he calls Elliot) and the two become inseparable, but of course, the adventurous bliss soon becomes disrupted. The forrest is starting to be destroyed and the local townspeople discover Pete (the young boy) as well as Elliot and indubitably chaos ensues. 

This is a heartwarming film through and through. It has dramatic elements, makes you want the dragon as a pet and has the perfect balance of drama and compassion. Its an easy watch and all of the cast are brilliant, with a fantastic performance given by Oakes Fegley as the titular Pete. 

I would recommend this family-friendly film to everyone, I loved it and it put a big smile on my face. 

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