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What Happens in Vegas (2008)

We have reached the second part or the sequel to my trilogy of wedding related films. Tom Vaughan's 2008 romantic-comedy What Happens in Vegas is full of comedic scenes (not that you would have guessed that) silly pranks and an unexpected romantic ending. 

Starring the sometimes funny, sometimes irritating Ashton Kutcher and the ever confident Cameron Diaz, the plot of consists of a man and woman who drunkenly get married in vegas. Kutcher's Jack Fuller then wins $3 million in a slot machine and the pair who hate each other are legally forced to live as a married couple to prove they can make it work and then they can split the money. Meeting in Vegas due to both of their lives being in chaos, there are plenty of comedic scenes throughout the 99 minute run time.

The supporting cast of Rob Corddry and Lake Bell provide a number of laughs, especially at the end of the film. Jason Sudekis is also amusing as Joy's (Diaz) ex, although of course he is a hated character. The film is an easy watch and does have some funny parts, although it definitely includes some OTT scenes. The ending is of course predictable too, but the overall substance is good and what can be expected for a romantic-comedy.

A fun fact about this film, is that in the wedding scene (shown in the picture above), Diaz and Kutcher were actually drunk in order to make it look realistic. 

Anyhow back to the review. I would recommend this to anyone who fancies an easy comedy to watch, but it is definitely not the best one out there. It is cute in its romantic scenes but at times a little over the top. I have seen it a number of times and would never dismiss it, but it is far from cinematic gold. 

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