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Zootropolis (2016)

WarningMinute spoilers

-A short and most likely imperfect rambling of my opinion- 

Anthromorphisim is rife in the city of Zootopia and the newest addition to the police force, Judy Hopps is ready to fight crime as the first rabbit to join the team. 

Starring the talented Ginnifer Goodwin at its helm as Hopps, Jason Bateman as sly fox Nick Wilde and a wide assortment of known voices, this Disney animation follows the out of the ordinary relationship of Wilde and Hopps as they attempt to uncover a conspiracy within the city. 

Despite featuring a conventional villain, the motion picture is full to the brim with adult euphemisms, an attempt to counteract the usual stereotypes of the characteristics of the animals and a plot which in my opinion is quite different to anything Disney have created. 

As the 55th Disney animated film it is clear that this addition shows not only how their animation has developed magnificently but also how they are changing the story to fit in with the modern day. 

I found this film overall interesting, as it shows that through this development Disney are stepping away from the cookie cutter-fairytale story they commonly are used to and branching out to appeal to the ever changing audience. It shows variety, which was also made clear by their 2014 release, Big Hero 6 (one of my favourites). 

Despite this, I think that the ending could perhaps have been improved as I felt it was rushed (cramming a lot in in the first half of the film), but all in all this isn’t a bad movie. 

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— AW