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Jackie (2017-UK release date)

Following the assassination of President John.F Kennedy, the motion picture focuses on how his wife Jackie Kennedy is dealing with the aftermath, taking care of her children, moving out of the White House and her husband being replaced by Lyndon B. Johnson. It showcases the death of JFK, replicating the horrific real-life footage and enthralling you into the barbaric moment in history.

Natalie Portman shines in her role as Jackie, showcasing a very different side to her usual acting and giving a very convincing, captivating performance. Portman’s performance is spectacular, as are the performances by the supporting cast such as Peter Sarsgaard as Bobby Kennedy and the late and brilliant John Hurt as the priest. Filmed in 4:3 aspect ratio, the film switches back and forth real-life footage throughout, which yet again brings a certain realism to the film.

Filmed beautifully with fantastic costumes, relative historical background and showing an insight to how the first lady attempted to establish her husbands legacy, the film is riveting and emotional.

I would recommend this to anyone who is interested in that period of history or enjoys biographical drama’s such as J. Edgar (2011).

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