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Legends of the Fall (1994)

What annoys me about this is that not a lot of people know about this film. Despite its star-studded cast and dramatic themes which could be compared to the legendary film The Patriot or even Last Of The Mohicans, it is not particularly renowned.


I even made my boyfriend watch it–bet he loved me for that..because it's not really his type of film.

But, I believe that this film (due to its variety of themes and the situations the characters face throughout) has all the makings for what I can only describe as my favourite type of film.

the film follows the story of the Ludlow family- showing the hardships, joys and situations they come about in the 133 minute running time. It includes the theme of love- showing a romance between certain members of the family with Samuel’s Susannah, the theme of war and loss (when Tristan and Samuel face the hardship of the war itself) and dramatic misfortune.

I believed that due to i's mixed genre, it grants the audience a cinematic experience which allows them to feel all emotions and allows for a certain empowerment with the happy ending in which it results.

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— AW