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Patch Adams (1998)

I have always wanted to watch this film. As a big Robin Williams fan, it has always been at the back of my mind to watch it. I finally got round to it last Sunday (well today as I am writing this) and I was definitely not disappointed. It was excellent from start to finish. 

Based on a true story about a man, Hunter Patch Adams, who was determined to become a doctor due to his love of helping people. After at first being suicidal and admitting himself into a psychiatric unit, Adams realises that he can help other people and that he will leave the hospital to start his medical training. Using comedy to give patients a better quality of life, Williams plays Adams fantastically. 

I don't want to give much away, but the film is not only comedic but also unexpectedly sad, which adds heart to the motion picture and adds to its brilliance. Directed by Tom Shadyac and with a very talented and well known cast, the film follows Adams as he deals with discrimination against the way that he helps people and the impact he had on the people around him. Adam's love of people is clear throughout the film as is the wonderful humour he had. The raw emotion of this film tugs at your heartstrings and makes this film a must watch.

Robin William's acting is once again fantastic and it was as if this character (despite being based on a true story) was made for him. As with all of his films, or the majority of them, be prepared for some very sad moments. Because I don't want to give a lot away from this film I will simply say one thing. I loved every minute of this film and I would one million percent recommend this to everyone. 

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— AW