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The Perfection (2019)

Warning: spoilers ahead.

When we saw this film appear on Netflix, the trailer fascinated us. Starring Allison Williams, Logan Browning and Steven Weber, it's about a young and troubled cello player that heads to Shanghai to meet the new star pupil of the former music school she attended. A dark and twisted film, every moment is tense and intriguing. 

I honestly didn't see the ending of this film coming. Usually, Matt turns to me and says what the twist is – he even said what it was in Us about ten minutes in. But with this film, neither of us knew what was going to happen. 

As it starts, you see Charlotte (Allison Williams) faced with the death of her ill mother. She then heads to Shanghai to meet with the teachers of her former school and to meet the new musical prodigy. Growing close to Lizzie (Logan Browning), they begin a relationship and decide to go travelling across China. En route, Lizzie starts to get sick and throws up insects. As they are thrown off the bus, they begin to walk to the nearby town. That's when the s*** hits the fan. As Lizzie's arm becomes infested with bugs, Charlotte pulls out a cleaver and says to Lizzie "You know what you have to do". Lizzie then cuts off her hand – therefore taking away her precious gift. 

As the film continues, it seems that Lizzie wants revenge on Charlotte. After all, and here is the twist, there weren't any bugs in her sick or in her arm after all. Charlotte simply drugged her. 

That's as far as I will go in terms of plot as I don't want to ruin the film completely. But, yeah. The film is twisted and dark and weirdly sexual. Its darkness is what makes it so great. It's so haunting. The filming is beautiful, the acting brilliant and the plot is so unique – I've never seen anything like it. 

I'd recommend this to those who like thrillers, horrors and films that are pretty quirky. Each moment of this film puts you on the edge and you don't know what will happen next. I've seen a few Netflix original films recently, some better than others. And this is definitely worth a watch.  

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